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July 2014 Newsletter

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Visit to The Butterfly Farms

Our Winter 2014, Creciendo Juntos session ended with a fun trip to the Butterfly Farms. The children enjoyed learning more about the life and development of butterflies, as well as exploring the farm and getting to hold butterflies and caterpillars. They discovered that monarchs are a threatened species but they can help restore their natural habitat by planting milkweed. They also learned about the migration patterns of Monarch butterflies between Canada and Michoacan, Mexico.  Butterfly Farms is open to the public and can meet all of your milkweed needs. Check out their website (www.butterflyfarms.org) and pay them a visit! Our Summer Session ...

Youth Summer at a Glance

Reidmuller Golf Tournament: June 20th 1:00pm High School Summer Camp: June 29th - July 4th Independence Day Celbration: July 4th Lake Elsinore Storm Fellowship Night: July 11th Beach Day & Bonfire (Carlsbad-tower 30): July 15th 5:00-9:00pm Beach Day & Bonfire (Carlsbad-tower 30): July 22nd 5:00-9:00pm Jr. High Summer Camp: July 27th - August 1st If you guys have any questions please feel free to contact me any time. David Lashinsky 760.707.9914 [email protected]